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chainsawchain‧saw /ˈtʃeɪnsɔː $ -sɒː/ noun [countable]  TZa tool used for cutting wood, consisting of a circular chain with teeth which is driven by a motor circular saw
Examples from the Corpus
chainsawYou got to take a chainsaw to keep cutting it out.In one radio commercial, Scratchman rescues a kitten stranded in a tree by firing up a chainsaw.Read in studio A forest ranger who uses a chainsaw to fell trees is now using it to sculpt the wood.P.S. A rainforest tree can be felled with a chainsaw in less time than it has taken you to read this letter.Whilst cutting her garden hedge with a chainsaw one recent summer, a woman slipped and lost her grip.It was another still island day and I could hear the sounds of a motorbike and chainsaw on the mainland.Laying the shotguns well out of danger, he started the chainsaw.Bunny threatened to chainsaw the flat in Muswell Hill and torch the goldfish, although maybe it was the other way round.
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