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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchallengedchal‧lenged /ˈtʃæləndʒd/ adjective   visually/physically/mentally etc challenged
Examples from the Corpus
challengedEstablished elements of parliamentary democracy in Britain are challenged.In the work in both the Preston and Oxford shows, that perceptual centring is constantly challenged.The adversary politics thesis developed by the reformers has also been variously challenged.Her beliefs and principles were accepted by the company and never challenged but Mrs Taylor had failed to recognise this.She must therefore establish with the client whether those later accounts contain similar items to those challenged for previous years.It was in this period too that a club's control over a player was first challenged in the law courts.In the fall of 1995, another researcher published a study, that challenged obesity researchers to rethink many of their conclusions.Although challenged, this remains the most convincing explanation.
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