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champagnecham‧pagne /ʃæmˈpeɪn/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DFDa French white wine with a lot of bubbles, drunk on special occasions
Examples from the Corpus
champagneThere will be fireworks from 11: 45 p. m. until 12: 15 a. m., and champagne at midnight awaits.Do not expect these wines to taste like champagne.Halsey went over to the dresser, poured from an open bottle of champagne into three glasses, and handed them around.He was probably lying under a table somewhere dozing the afternoon away after one champagne cocktail too many.Aristos, being of course a complete media and fashion victim, had heard of it and ordered champagne.We had a fireplace and refrigerator for our champagne.But they should keep the champagne corked until they get more from the company.The champagne, the first sips of which had lifted her spirits, was after a glassful having the opposite effect.
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