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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchandelierchan‧de‧lier /ˌʃændəˈlɪə $ -ˈlɪr/ noun [countable]  chandelier.jpg DHFa large round frame for holding candles or lights that hangs from the ceiling and is decorated with small pieces of glass
Examples from the Corpus
chandelierAll the main rooms are hung with Bohemian chandeliers.Sheila and I were responsible for polishing the brass and crystal chandelier that hung over the dining-room table.This was actually smaller than the dressing room but was richly furnished and lit by a large crystal chandelier.The ballroom was to the left, and, in 1902, its chandeliers threw glistening blurs on a flawless parquet floor.There was a party in the ballroom: sparkling chandeliers, string quartet.As she stood on the crimson carpet, hesitating, the chandeliers suddenly flashed on, dispelling the gloom.The hotel was most concerned about loose tiles and the stability of the chandeliers, Pilla said.Rekindled and re-leased with a shove, the chandelier began to swing again, describing a larger arc this time.
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