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change of clothes/underwear etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchange of clothes/underwear etcchange of clothes/underwear etcCLOTHESan additional set of clothes that you have with you, for example when you are travelling change
Examples from the Corpus
change of clothes/underwear etcContrite, she backed off, collecting a change of clothes from her bag.Clarisa passed him over to me at the window seat so she could pull out a change of clothes.But I decided I wanted a change of clothes in the morning and my own bed that night.Dominic could dress quickly when a change of clothes was called for.With a change of clothes and some food, he set off in search of fools.As any woman could tell you a change of clothes or hairstyle can instantly change the way people think about you.This does not necessarily mean paying out a lot of money for several totally new changes of clothes.
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