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change places (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchange places (with somebody)change places (with somebody)a) EXCHANGEto give someone your place and take their place Would you mind changing places with me so I can sit next to my friend? b) EXCHANGEto take someone else’s social position or situation in life instead of yours She may be rich, but I wouldn’t want to change places with her. change
Examples from the Corpus
change places (with somebody)Our lives are hard, but theirs are miserable. I would never change places.All the other players then change places.On odd days, we changed places.Rabia and Zahara changed places, and Rabia now squatted between Jane's legs, watching intently.But now the two men have changed places, and the boat has worked its magic.No, it was too late to change places at this stage of his life.He immediately changed places so he could sit next to me.Gwenellen and I changed places soundlessly.This is paradox, rather than metaphor: two directly opposed concepts, life and death, change places with each other.Why don't you change places with me?
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