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change your mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchange your mindchange your mindCHANGE YOUR MINDto change your decision, plan, or opinion about something Her father tried to get her to change her mind.change your mind about If you change your mind about the job, just give me a call. change
Examples from the Corpus
change your mindAt first the doctor said I was suffering from a virus, but now he's changed his mind.But if students actively dislike school, higher standards and better assessments are not going to change their minds.Carruthers, I don't know what will happen now, but I have changed my mind.Good software gives you the power to change your mind.He knew what he had to do and he got up and did it before he changed his mind.Everyone has a right to change their mind.No, I'm not going out tonight. I've changed my mind.Use a pencil so you can erase it if you change your mind.When he met Lee the next morning at nine, he said he had changed his mind about going back.Barry hadn't changed his mind about leaving.I'm hoping Dad will change his mind about Louise after he meets her tonight.If you change your mind about the job, just give me a call.I've changed my mind about the Riviera. I do like it after all.What if she changes her mind and doesn't turn up?Pete lifted his knight but changed his mind and put it back on the board.But why Zeus changed his mind and whether Prometheus revealed the secret when he was freed, we do not know.Schlesinger first thought him wrong for Ratso, but changed his mind when they met in New York.
change your mindchange your mindto change your decision, plan, or opinion about something I was afraid that Liz would change her mind and take me back home.change your mind about If you change your mind about the colour scheme, it’s easy to just paint over it. mind
Examples from the Corpus
mind aboutShe changed her mind about reading aloud to Irene, who was looking at her, she felt, skeptically.He was convinced Jeopardy would hate him for ever, change his mind about the performance, change his mind about his prowess.In Can Tho he was given a final chance to change his mind about volunteering.Forza Italia has 110 seats, and Berlusconi has frequently changed his mind about whether Dini should stay in office.When he is there, will he explain to the people of the north-west why he has changed his mind about borrowing?However, he declined to comment on whether the council was likely to change its mind about the scheme.But I can't say I'd changed my mind about Celebrity Golf.A week later Takat Singh informed me that the women had changed their minds about letting me live with them.
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