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change your tune

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchange your tunechange your tuneCHANGE YOUR MIND informal to start expressing a different attitude and reacting in a different way, after something has happened The question is, will the president change his tune on taxes? change
Examples from the Corpus
change your tuneNewsome was originally against the plan, but later changed his tune.When he got back, he'd changed his tune.However, when questioned further he quickly changed his tune.It also begs a question about whether the government is changing its tune?It was only when audiences hailed her that he changed his tune.What is it about soundtrack projects that makes hard rockers want to change their tune?You've changed your tune all of a sudden! Only yesterday you were saying you thought Christmas presents were a waste of money.He'd soon change his tune if he thought she'd lost interest.Chairman tells union delegates why the old enemy may be changing its tune. reports from the trades union conference at Blackpool.She used to be a Communist, but she changed her tune when her parents left her all that money.
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