2 noun
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change2 S1 W1

things becoming different

[uncountable and countable] the process or result of something or someone becoming different:
I find it hard to cope with change.
scientists worried about climatic change
change in
changes in the immigration laws
A change in personality may mean your teenager has a drug problem.
change of
a change of temperature
No major changes were made to the book.
change for the better/worse (=a change that makes a situation better or worse)
There was a change for the better in the patient's condition.
social/political/economic etc change
the sweeping political changes after the fall of communism
She had a change of heart (=change in attitude) and decided to stay.
Family life has undergone dramatic change in recent years.

from one thing to another

[countable] the fact of one thing or person being replaced by another:
The car needs an oil change.
change of
a change of government
a change of address
change from something to something
the gradual change from grasslands to true desert
The government has made some major policy changes.

pleasant new situation

[singular] a situation or experience that is different from what happened before, and is usually interesting or enjoyable
change from
The morning was cool; a welcome change from the heat of the day before.
for a change
How about dinner out for a change?
it/that makes a change (=used to say that something is better than and different from usual)
'Ron's buying the drinks.' 'That makes a change.'
change of scene/air/pace etc (=when you go to a different place or do something different)
The patients benefit greatly from a change of scenery.


a) the money that you get back when you have paid for something with more money than it costs:
Here's your change, sir.
make change American English (=give someone change)
Andy was making change for a customer.
b) money in the form of coins, not paper money
in change
I have about a dollar in change.
Matt emptied the loose change from his pockets.
A beggar asked for some spare change (=coins that you do not need).
c) coins or paper money that you give in exchange for the same amount of money in a larger unit
change for £1/$10
Excuse me, have you got change for a pound?
make change American English (=give someone change)
Can you make change for $20?

small change

a) coins you have that do not have a high value:
I only had about a pound in small change.
b) used to emphasize that something is a small amount of money when it is compared to a larger amount:
The program costs $20 million a year, small change by Washington standards.

change of clothes/underwear etc

an additional set of clothes that you have with you, for example when you are travelling


[countable]TT a situation in which you get off one train, bus, or aircraft and get on another in order to continue your journey:
Even with a change of trains, the subway is quicker than a cab at rush hour.

get no change out of somebody

British English spoken to get no useful information or help from someone:
I wouldn't bother asking Richard - you'll get no change out of him.

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money, cash, change, currency
Money is the most general word for the notes and coins that you use for buying things Can I borrow some money? Put the money straight in your purse.Use cash when you want to emphasize that you mean notes and coins, and not cheques, credit cards etc You have to pay in cash - they don't accept cheques.!! Do not say 'pay by cash'. Say pay in cash.Use change when you mean money in the form of coins, or the money you get back when you pay for something with more money than it cost I need some change for the phone. He left the shop without waiting for his change.Use currency to refer to the money of a particular country You'll need about £500 worth of Japanese currency. See also money

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