Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: chanel, from Latin canalis; CANAL


1 noun
chan‧nel1 S3 W2 [countable]


a television station and all the programmes that it broadcasts:
the news on Channel 4
The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney Channel.
What channel is ER on?
He changed channels to watch the basketball game.

for getting information/goods etc

a system or method that you use to send or obtain information, goods, permission etc:
The U.S. is working through diplomatic channels to find a solution.
The new software will be sold through existing distribution channels.
channel of
It is important that we open channels of communication with the police.


a) SG an area of water that connects two larger areas of water:
St George's Channel

the Channel

British English the area of water between France and England [= the English Channel]
c) TTW the deepest part of a river, harbour, or sea, especially where it is deep enough to allow ships to sail in


DT a passage that water or other liquids flow along:
an irrigation channel


TCB a particular range of sound waves which can be used to send and receive radio messages

in a surface

D a long deep line cut into a surface or a long deep space between two edges [= groove]:
The sliding doors fit into these plastic channels.

way to express yourself

a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, or physical energy
channel for
Art provides a channel for the children's creativity.
WORD FOCUS: television WORD FOCUS: television
similar words: TV, telly BrE informal, the box BrE informal, the tube AmE informal

programmes on television: the news, soap opera, sitcom, drama series, detective series, documentary, docusoap, game show, talk show also chat show British English, made-for-TV movie, cartoon, reality TV, infomercial

a TV programme shown on the Internet: webcast

a company that broadcasts programmes: channel, station

types of television broadcasts: terrestrial British English, cable, satellite, digital, pay-per-view

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