2 verb
channel2 past tense and past participle channelled, present participle channelling British English, past tense and past participle channeled, present participle channeling American English [transitive]
1 to control and direct something such as money or energy towards a particular purpose [= direct]
channel something into something
Most of his energy was channeled into writing and lecturing.
channel something to somebody
Profits are channelled to conservation groups.
channel something through something
The famine relief money was channelled through the UN.
2 to control or direct people or things to a particular place, work, situation etc
channel somebody/something into something
Women were likely to be channeled into jobs as teachers or nurses.
Drugs from government pharmacies were being channeled into illegal drug markets.
3 to cut a long deep line in something:
Water had channelled grooves in the rock.
4 to send water through a passage:
An efficient irrigation system channels water to the crops.
5 to allow a spirit to come into your body and speak through you, to tell people a message that you have received in this way:
She claims to channel the spirit of a 2,000-year-old hunter.

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