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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchaoscha‧os /ˈkeɪ-ɒs $ -ɑːs/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 DISORGANIZEDa situation in which everything is happening in a confused way and nothing is organized or arranged in order The country was plunged into economic chaos.complete/utter/absolute etc chaos There was total chaos on the roads.in chaos The kitchen was in chaos.2 HAthe state of the universe before there was any orderCOLLOCATIONSverbscause/create/bring chaosSnow has caused chaos on the roads this morning.end in chaosThe game ended in chaos with thunder and heavy rain.be thrown/plunged into chaosA serious accident has thrown the roads into chaos.descend/slip into chaos (=gradually become completely confused and disorganized)After the invasion, the country lapsed into chaos.be on the brink of chaos (=to be about to become completely confused and disorganized)The peace talks were on the brink of chaos.chaos ensues (=it happens as a result of something)A decade of civil war and chaos ensued.chaos reigns (=it happens)Everyone was trying to talk at once and for a while chaos reigned.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + chaos total/complete chaosWhen we arrived, there was total chaos.utter chaos (=total chaos)After the party, the whole house was in utter chaos.economic/political/social etc chaosAfterwards there was widespread famine and economic chaos.traffic chaos (=when there are a lot of vehicles on the roads and they cannot move)The first day of the school holidays brought traffic chaos to the roads.phrasesa state of chaosNick's bedroom is permanently in a state of chaos.a scene of chaosI came home to a scene of chaos, with food and empty bottles everywhere.chaos and confusionHeavy flooding has created chaos and confusion throughout the country.
Examples from the Corpus
chaosThe executive transporter bay was a chaos of foam and whirling shapes which might or might not have been armed troopers.Passengers spoke of complete chaos as the fire spread through the ship.Zbitski said the reform coalition must find a way to steer the country out of its political and economic chaos.The half-solution created electoral chaos, with some black representatives voting against it.Thousands of pounds worth of smoke and water damage reclaiming the family home from chaos.I arrived home unexpectedly and found the house in chaos.When McNamara got the job, the department was in chaos.A more ruthless woman would have let the whole place slide into chaos until he learned to do things for himself.Such parliamentary chaos is not a symptom of underlying social disorder.We've just moved into the new office and I've no idea where anything is - it's chaos!Gnarled old men ignore the chaos sipping coffee and chatting with fishermen as they untangle their nets.Bookings, reservations, staffing ... just about everything, they claimed, was in a state of total chaos.I went to rejoin the train and it was utter chaos.The earthquake caused widespread chaos throughout the region.complete/utter/absolute etc chaosUpon reflection, we might wonder why such an economy does not collapse in complete chaos.It looked like utter chaos to me, but organised chaos.The present situation in Skinnergate and High Row was one of absolute chaos.But when she entered the house, she was confronted by a scene of utter chaos.She sat on the bed looking at the utter chaos around her.We are at least half way through the looking glass, on our way to utter chaos.I went to rejoin the train and it was utter chaos.Well, it was absolute chaos when I went down to the Press reception before the Women of the Year lunch.
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