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charabancchar‧a‧banc /ˈʃærəbæŋ/ noun [countable] British English old-fashioned  TTCa large comfortable bus used for pleasure trips
Examples from the Corpus
charabancThe advent of motor coaches enabled many deaf institutes to organise outings and charabanc trips.In the early days the novelty must have outweighed the discomfort, or no one would have travelled in the first charabancs.The People's car: hundreds of day-trippers brave the discomfort of a fleet of charabancs at Plymouth in 1922.There were rare excursions to seaside or country by train or charabanc, or the occasional boat trip on Lough Neagh.The driver started the engine and engaged the gears with a crash and the charabanc lurched away.They stood watching the Natural Leader shepherd the little children and their exhausted parents into the charabanc.Most of the fathers chickened out, piling into the charabanc which held adults and adolescents.
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