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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcharacterlesschar‧ac‧ter‧less /ˈkærəktələs $ -tər-/ adjective  BADnot having any special or interesting qualities a characterless modern building
Examples from the Corpus
characterlessMe, I stick to my old sticks; and I think that the new breed of carbon-fibre rods are characterless.On the other hand, although e-mail messages are faceless, they are by no means characterless.The lower ground floor contains a rather characterless, Docklands-style pub.a characterless hotelArtists' impressions show a tram that has more in common with the flat-faced, characterless light trains of the toy-like Docklands Light Railway.His characterless Seventh Symphony won a Lenin prize.But the same urchins along the walk from the strip back up the rise toward the quarters, the same characterless sleep.The northern playground is in the process of being transformed into a communal garden as earth and foliage replace characterless tarmac.
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