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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchargedcharged /tʃɑːdʒd $ tʃɑːrdʒd/ adjective  NERVOUSa charged situation or subject makes people feel very angry, anxious, or excited, and is likely to cause arguments or violence the charged atmosphere in the room a highly charged debate
Examples from the Corpus
chargedThe already charged atmosphere erupted into violence when police told the crowd to disperse.The elections took place in the highly charged atmosphere of mass demonstrations.Abortion is still a very emotionally charged issue in the U.S.In a highly charged press conference, Armstrong defended his attack on the children.charged atmosphereAn important feature of this research is that it is carried out in a politically charged atmosphere.And the eyes in his paintings hold the key to the psychologically charged atmosphere.Almost certainly the explanation lies in the highly charged atmosphere of a battlefield on the eve of battle.The highly charged atmosphere of the House panel contrasted sharply with a similar investigation being conducted in the Senate, where Sen.It is not impossible, in this highly charged atmosphere, that the party leader will be replaced by the weekend.
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