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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcharismaticchar‧is‧mat‧ic /ˌkærəzˈmætɪk◂/ ●○○ adjective  1 ATTRACThaving charisma Martin Luther King was a very charismatic speaker.2 charismatic church/movement
Examples from the Corpus
charismaticDeath becomes him, for ever frozen in time as a complex and charismatic 24-year-old on the cusp of greatness.a charismatic churchAnd perhaps their finest stroke was the casting of rapper Ice-T as a heroic, charismatic crack baron.Jackson was one of the most charismatic figures in sports.Often, the people most committed to the use of charismatic gifts are those most inept in evangelism.Tina Wilkinson's striking vocals dart over the aggressive and exuberant title track with charismatic panache.But as always, the charismatic Rundgren stole the show.In the absence of significant parties, nominations could be won by charismatic self-starters who could project an acceptable image.
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