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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcharitychar‧i‧ty /ˈtʃærəti/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun (plural charities)  1 [countable]ORGANIZATION an organization that gives money, goods, or help to people who are poor, sick etccharitable Several charities sent aid to the flood victims.charity event/walk/concert etc (=an event organized to collect money for a charity)see thesaurus at organization2 [uncountable] charity organizations in general All the money raised by the concert will go to charity.for charity The children raised over £200 for charity.3 [uncountable]GIVE money or gifts given to help people who are poor, sick etc refugees living on charity Her pride wouldn’t allow her to accept charity.4 [uncountable]KIND formal kindness or sympathy that you show towards other people Mother Teresa’s works of charity Newspaper reports showed him little charity.5 charity begins at homeCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2verbsgive something to charityI like to give a small amount of what I earn to charity.donate something to charity (=give something to charity)She sold all her jewellery and donated the money to charity.go to charityAny profit that she makes from her writing goes to charity.raise money/funds for charityA huge amount is raised for charity by the festival.support a charity (=give money to one)Do you support any charities?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + charity a local charity (=one that operates near the place where you live)All the money raised goes to local charities.an international charity (=one that operates all over the world)The Red Cross is a well-known international charity.a national charity (=one that operates throughout a country)Help the Aged is a national charity representing older people.a cancer charity (=one that raises money to treat or cure cancer)The event raised thousands of pounds for a cancer charity.charity + NOUNa charity shop (=one that gives the money it makes to a charity)Give your old clothes to a charity shop.a charity event (=one organized to collect money for a charity)She spoke at a charity event in aid of famine relief.a charity match/concert/show etcThe band appeared at a charity concert for free.a charity worker (=someone who works for a charity, often without pay)Charity workers say these reforms will not help the poor.a charity appeal (=an act of asking people to give money to a charity)The organization is launching a charity appeal for a new air ambulance.
Examples from the Corpus
charityFrom seven grateful clients, Project Open Hand soon grew to a charity serving eight thousand meals a day.Elton John has campaigned for a number of AIDS charities.Many homeless people are too proud to ask for charity.They aim to walk 30 miles for charity.Last year, BankAmerica casual dressers raised $ 1. 25 million for charity, according to BankAmerica spokesman Russ Yarrow.The event is being sponsored by Dolphins safety Louis Oliver, who hopes to raise money for charity.As well as raising several thousand pounds for charity, the Crusaders also won 24-14.The National Childbirth Trust, formed in 1956, is Britain's foremost charity concerned with education for parenthood.My mother does a lot of fund raising for local charities.All the major charities are appealing for funds to help the victims of the disaster.Mother Teresa gained worldwide attention for her selfless acts of charity.Booth described the large number of charities established by religious bodies in London in increasing numbers from the 1860s.Dependence on charity is just as debilitating as dependence on the state, if not more so.The organization depends on charity, and on volunteer workers who are prepared to give up their time.Porter spent his retirement years organizing charity golf tournaments throughout the United States.The corporation has donated nearly $70 million to children's charities over the past 17 years.All profits from the show will go to charity.Clear out all the clothes you never wear, and give them to charity.charity event/walk/concert etcIt was the scene of a failed assassination attempt on the royal couple at a charity concert nine years ago.Yorke, 21 today, was returning home from a charity event at 2am, the city's magistrates heard.Funds raised in the third annual charity event will go toward research and new examination and treatment areas.I meet him regularly at charity events and we have had many a round of golf together.Inside, there are notice boards nailed to the panelling, with details of school outings, charity events, term activities.David Emanuel left the world of hautecouture to take charge of the charity event at Cheltenham Ladies' College.Large corporations have been quick to see the financial potential in becoming involved with charity events.People still come to your charity events.go to charityBy taking advantage of the share-giving scheme, Mr Smith ensured that the full £250,000 went to charity.The author's royalties will all go to charities working to improve the welfare of farm animals.Betty sells the cards to friends and relatives, and any profit that she makes goes to charity.Probably the whole of your salary goes to charity.They're expected to fetch up to £4,000 and every penny will go to charity.A source close to Clinton said that an undetermined portion of the proceeds will go to charity.It is estimated a national lottery could raise £3 billion, of which £1 billion would go to charities.accept charityPride makes it difficult for even the poorest peasant to accept charity from strangers.
From Longman Business Dictionarycharitychar‧i‧ty /ˈtʃærəti/ noun (plural charities)1[countable] an organization that collects money to help people, for example those who are sick or poor, or to help certain types of activity such as artistic activity SYN NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION AmEa charity set up to help Bosnian childrenWe are asking employees to make a regular donation to the charity.2[uncountable] money or gifts given to help people, for example those who are sick or poorAll of the money raised will go to charity.a sponsored cycle ride for charity
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