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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcharmingcharm‧ing /ˈtʃɑːmɪŋ $ ˈtʃɑːr-/ ●●○ adjective  NICEvery pleasing or attractive a charming little Italian restaurant Harry can be very charming.see thesaurus at nicecharmingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
charmingGabby's parents thought Bill was charming.In 1983 he wrote a charming book about his father.Claris looks out from under her limp-brimmed woollen hat and asks me for an orange with a charming broken-toothed smile.A charming brooch depicting a bird on an olive branch was made to his design by Carlo Giuliano, for example.He was extremely good-looking, and extremely charming, generous to his scout, and to Mr Bullins on numerous occasions.He was charming, good-looking and in his early forties.Then be the charming Mistress of thy Gold.It's a very charming restaurant.a charming smileThe Vice Chairman has a very charming wife and four children.On the two occasions he came here, I thought him a charming youth.
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