Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: chartre, from Medieval Latin chartula, from Latin charta; CHART1


1 noun
Related topics: Government
char‧ter1 W3
1 [countable] a statement of the principles, duties, and purposes of an organization:
the freedoms embodied in the UN charter
2 [uncountable] the practice of paying money to a company to use their boats, aircraft, etc, or the boat, aircraft etc used in this way:
boats available for charter
a charter service
3 [countable]PG a signed statement from a government or ruler which allows a town, organization, or university to officially exist and have special rights:
The town's charter was granted in 1838.
4 [singular] British English informal a law or official decision that seems to give someone the right to do something most people consider morally wrong:
Reducing the number of police is just a thieves' charter.

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