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chassischas‧sis /ˈʃæsiː/ noun (plural chassis /-siːz/) [countable]  1 TTthe frame on which the body, engine, wheels etc of a vehicle are built2 TTAthe landing equipment of a plane
Examples from the Corpus
chassisAs a result, it will be suitable for both longitudinal or transverse settings, and can sit low in a chassis.Further down the line, Irvine will also manufacture the B10 heavy-duty coach chassis when it is launched commercially in 1994.Its chassis offers terrific handling balance, great traction matched to positive brakes and accurate steering.Faqir is chin-deep in water, horizontal below the chassis of his aged aid lorry.Certainly both the chassis and V6 engine have known more competitive days.I was tugging at the car so hard the chassis was rocking.The chassis lurched forward and then back sharply, knocking the four passengers off balance.
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