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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchastechaste /tʃeɪst/ adjective  1 GOOD/MORAL old-fashioned not having sex with anyone, or not with anyone except your husband or wifecelibate, chastity She led a chaste decent life.2 not showing sexual feelings a chaste kiss on the cheek3 SIMPLE/PLAINsimple and plain in style a chaste nightgownchastely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
chasteMorrissey is always taking off his shirt but he is also proudly and publicly chaste.He scorned Aphrodite, he worshiped only Artemis, the huntress chaste and fair.Douglas makes the concerto sound almost chaste in its clinical brilliance.When the little ones squeeze past me in the Superette I give their mops the chaste old tousle.Girls were expected to remain chaste until marriage.During his chaste vigil he had a vision of wolves, bears, lions, leopards and unicorns.a chaste white dressHigh government officials began to show symptoms, as did chaste wives who had been infected by their straying husbands.A woman's chastity is considered as her highest virtue and all Hindu traditional literature extols the greatness of a chaste woman.chaste kissYet my feelings can't survive on a formal handshake and a chaste kiss of your cheek.
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