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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchastechaste /tΚƒeΙͺst/ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 GOOD/MORAL old-fashioned not having sex with anyone, or not with anyone except your husband or wife β†’ celibate, chastity πŸ”Š She led a chaste decent life.2 not showing sexual feelings πŸ”Š a chaste kiss on the cheek3 SIMPLE/PLAINsimple and plain in style πŸ”Š a chaste nightgown β€”chastely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
chasteβ€’ Morrissey is always taking off his shirt but he is also proudly and publicly chaste.β€’ He scorned Aphrodite, he worshiped only Artemis, the huntress chaste and fair.β€’ Douglas makes the concerto sound almost chaste in its clinical brilliance.β€’ When the little ones squeeze past me in the Superette I give their mops the chaste old tousle.β€’ Girls were expected to remain chaste until marriage.β€’ During his chaste vigil he had a vision of wolves, bears, lions, leopards and unicorns.β€’ a chaste white dressβ€’ High government officials began to show symptoms, as did chaste wives who had been infected by their straying husbands.β€’ A woman's chastity is considered as her highest virtue and all Hindu traditional literature extols the greatness of a chaste woman.chaste kissβ€’ Yet my feelings can't survive on a formal handshake and a chaste kiss of your cheek.
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