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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchattychat‧ty /ˈtʃæti/ adjective  1 TALK TO somebodyliking to talk a lot in a friendly way He was in an unusually chatty mood.2 FRIENDLYa piece of writing that is chatty has a friendly informal style a chatty letter
Examples from the Corpus
chattyShe is serious and yet chatty.Lane eyes the chatty after-work crowd carefully.They are uniformly polite, chatty and cheerful with visitors.The nurses at the hospital were pleasant and chatty, and they made me feel less nervous.Chefs Kuni and Yasu, both chatty artists, carve edible canvasses that are spectacular feasts for the eyes.Why do our chatty children often have such difficulty talking about books?Nobles is a chatty, energetic 55-year-old.Don Nobles is a chatty, energetic 75-year-old.On the fourth day he received a long chatty letter from Eleanor.Crew members said they were struck by how laid back and chatty the vacationing Clintons were.Graham is very shy with most people but he gets quite chatty with Mr Roberts.
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