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cheekbonecheek‧bone /ˈtʃiːkbəʊn $ -boʊn/ noun [countable usually plural]  HBHone of the two bones above your cheeks, just below your eyes She had high cheekbones and green eyes.
Examples from the Corpus
cheekboneLooking down at the curve of her cheekbone, still wet with tears, he suddenly wanted her, quite overwhelmingly.One of her cheekbones had been crushed and the doctors were trying to reconstruct it.He is tall and dark, his brown eyes intense above his high cheekbones.Her eyes gleamed above those remarkable high cheekbones of hers.Her skin was cleft with deep lines running from the jaw to the high jutting cheekbones.His Navajo cheekbones dazzled; his classic Romanesque nose left one breathless.A muscle near her right cheekbone fluttered at erratic intervals, and the nail polish was chipped.I remember, too, her strangely spaced cheekbones and severely cut hair.high cheekbonesTheir narrow eyes and high cheekbones, their swarthy skins seem even more foreign in the firelight.Despite the difference in their ages, the two women were strikingly alike, with small smooth-skinned faces and high cheekbones.The noble forehead, glittering blue eyes, high cheekbones and well-formed beard suggested the conquistador Cortes.He has high cheekbones, and a longish nose.She has high cheekbones and full lips.Framed by the silver fur her face took on a glow that emphasized her high cheekbones.Her eyes gleamed above those remarkable high cheekbones of hers.I would recognize the slanted eyes, the dark glistening skin and the high cheekbones anywhere.Her face seemed thinner, the high cheekbones more prominent somehow.
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