Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: chere '(expression on) the face', perhaps from Late Latin cara, from Greek kara 'head'


1 noun
Related topics: Sport
1 [countable] a shout of happiness, praise, approval, or encouragement [≠ boo]:
A great cheer went up from the crowd.
So let's give a cheer to the kids who passed their exams.
The final whistle was greeted with triumphant cheers from players and spectators.

three cheers for somebody!

spoken used to tell a group of people to shout three times as a way of showing support, happiness, thanks etc:
Three cheers for the birthday girl!
3 [uncountable] formal a feeling of happiness and confidence:
'Hello,' said Auguste cheerily. His good cheer was not returned.
Christmas cheer
4 [countable]DS a special chant (=phrase that is repeated) that the crowds at a US sports game shout in order to encourage their team to win

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