2 verb
1 [intransitive and transitive] to shout as a way of showing happiness, praise, approval, or support of someone or something:
Everybody cheered when the firemen arrived.
The audience was shouting and cheering.
The spectators cheered him wildly.
2 [transitive] to make someone feel more hopeful when they are worried:
By late afternoon there came news that cheered them all.
Government policy towards higher education contains little to cheer university students.
cheering adjective:
cheering news

cheer somebody ↔ on

phrasal verb
to shout encouragement at a person or team to help them do well in a race or competition:
They gathered round the swimming pool and cheered her on.

cheer up

phrasal verb
1 to become less sad, or to make someone feel less sad:
Cheer up! The worst is over.
They cheered up when they saw us coming along.
cheer somebody ↔ up
Here's a bit of news that will cheer you up.
You both need cheering up, I think.

cheer something ↔ up

to make a place look more attractive:
I bought some posters to cheer the place up a bit.

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