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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcheerfulcheer‧ful /ˈtʃɪəfəl $ ˈtʃɪr-/ ●●○ adjective  1 HAPPYhappy, or behaving in a way that shows you are happy She’s feeling more cheerful today. I’m making a real effort to be cheerful despite everything.cheerful voice/smile/manner etc ‘I’m Robyn, ’ she said with a cheerful smile. It does me good to see a cheerful face.see thesaurus at happy2 BRIGHTsomething that is cheerful makes you feel happy because it is so bright or pleasant a bright cheerful Italian restaurant There was a cheerful picture on the wall. The house has a cheerful atmosphere.3 HAPPYtending to be happy most of the time She was a cheerful and agreeable companion. Before the accident he had been cheerful and confident.4 [only before noun]WILLING a cheerful attitude shows that you are willing to do whatever is necessary in a happy way a cheerful approach to the jobcheerfully adverb He smiled cheerfully. ‘Morning!’ she called cheerfully.cheerfulness noun [uncountable] cheap and cheerful at cheap1(1)
Examples from the Corpus
cheerfulBut Gandhi was stoical in his bearing, cheerful, and confident in his conversations, and had a kindly eye.The First Lady was cheerful and energetic during the press conference.Mary Ellen is a cheerful and enthusiastic person.She's kind of like a puppy - she's so cheerful and friendly.Thomas was cheerful and good-natured, and we soon became good friends.Bigwig, cheerful at the prospect of action.Brando's Open 7 days, busy, bustling, cheerful bar.He had a cheerful, efficient look and I liked him straight away.She faced it all with cheerful enthusiasm.She was far too cheerful for Sammler."Fine, thanks, '' he replied in a cheerful manner.La Rocca Pizzas, pasta, veal and steak all served with cheerful personal attention.Salem is a cheerful, pleasant place.For the first time Loi was not his usual cheerful self.She greeted us with a cheerful smile.a cheerful, spotlessly clean kitchenAmelia seemed a little more cheerful today than last week.a cheerful voicecheerful voice/smile/manner etcBut although Maxine Johnson of the Founders still had doubts, he clinched the deal with his easy and cheerful manner.Surface socialism may seem more acceptable, but old ideologies lurk close behind the cheerful smiles.An attractive girl with a cheerful smile and laughing eyes was sitting at the cash register by the doorway.She has a pleasant, cheerful manner, and was well liked by all who came in contact with her.But here, when they knocked, the door was opened wide and a cheerful voice bade them enter.Or was there something else just evident in his cheerful voice? ... Recalled to the colours ... Rejoin the Regiment.
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