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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcheerlesscheer‧less /ˈtʃɪələs $ ˈtʃɪr-/ adjective  SAD/UNHAPPYcheerless weather, places, or times make you feel sad, bored, or uncomfortable syn gloomy This is a cold cheerless place. The day was grey and cheerless.cheerlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
cheerlessThough brightly lit, the room was still somehow cheerless.They could light no fire, and Ratagan prophesied gloomily that their camp that night would be cheerless.In these cheerless circumstances Henry fell ill and was unable to attend the peace talks in January 1189.Other establishments followed their example, with the result that Jerusalem is a less cheerless city than it used to be.One by one the teachers made their ways to their homes - modest, mostly celibate, mostly cheerless homes.Birds far from their nests whirred noisily in the sky, a cheerless sound that Jinju found particularly unsettling.Her heart was hammering as she went up the narrow, cheerless stairs she'd last climbed before her interview.a cheerless winter skyGolding's office was grey and cheerless, with the disorientating feature of being substantially higher than it was wide.
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