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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcheesychees‧y /ˈtʃizi/ adjective  1 tasting like cheese or containing cheese cheesy sauces2 informal cheap and not of good quality a cheesy soap opera3 informal not sincere a cheesy grin
Examples from the Corpus
cheesyThe idea of calling some random guy I met in a bar makes me feel cheesy!Eighteen milk bottles on the mantelpiece, some with milky smears and doubtless smelling cheesy.I am not a bar pick-up kind of person, and I usually find the whole scene pretty cheesy.The result was a sweaty medley, harsh and brittle on the surface, but cheesy and rotten underneath.We went to some cheesy bar in Baltimore.The enchiladas are extra cheesy but not greasy.Politicians and their cheesy grins may come and go.the cheesy music played in elevatorsNot a cheesy one that mentions their names, but they're the people I miss.Ear infections with a bloody, purulent, cheesy smelling discharge and sticking pains.Hawthorn buds are bursting everywhere: vivid leaf bunches with a crunchy, cheesy taste.
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