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cheetahchee‧tah /ˈtʃiːtə/ noun [countable]  cheetah.jpg HBAa member of the cat family that has long legs and black spots on its fur, and can run extremely fast
Examples from the Corpus
cheetahA slow gazelle might never be unlucky enough to meet a cheetah, but a slow cheetah that never catches anything dies.The average cheetah will change over the centuries, just like the mean annual rainfall changes.Gazelles are not trying to eat cheetahs, they are trying to avoid being eaten by cheetahs.It is like the gazelle running faster than other gazelles rather than running faster than cheetahs.Sprint and jink though the gazelle may, there is nothing to deflect the cheetah from the chase.So the downside is greater for the cheetah.Those are the moments when the cheetah can creep slowly forward.
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