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chemical engineering

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchemical engineeringˌchemical engiˈneering noun [uncountable]  the study of machines used in industrial chemical processeschemical engineer noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
chemical engineeringWirral-born Mike joined the company in 1979 from Newcastle University where he gained a chemical engineering degree.A leaning toward chemistry and chemical engineering was no doubt kindled in some way by a Mickey Mouse comic strip.After a short period Lymn took Rambush into partnership, forming the gas and chemical engineering firm of Lymn & Rambush.The research activities of the department are very wide, encompassing most areas of chemical engineering.He undoubtedly made a major contribution, not only to the profession of chemical engineering but to technology and technological education generally.David Rumschitzki, a professor of chemical engineering, said that he virtually never saw a student who began in mid-level remediation.They were the basis of the first textbook on chemical engineering which Davis published in 1901.His work led to the formation in 1919 of the chemical engineering group of the Society of Chemical Industry.
From Longman Business Dictionarychemical engineeringˌchemical engiˈneeringMANUFACTURING engineering that involves the use of chemistry in large-scale industrial processes, for example in the production of oil and the manufacture of plasticsHe wanted to join ICI to work in chemical engineering. engineering
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