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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchequeredchequ‧ered /ˈtʃekəd $ -ərd/ adjective  x-refa British spelling of checkered
Examples from the Corpus
chequeredThe famous horseshoe-shaped radiator was seen taking the chequered flag at Le Mans, Brooklands and Silverstone.The mill's chequered history is almost a Who's Who of eminent local individuals and families of clothiers.Unsurprising, you might argue, given the chequered history of pop singers in the theatre.London Road has enjoyed a chequered history.The Art and Antiques squad had enjoyed a chequered history.The management of information systems in education is still not free from their chequered past.The mink has had a chequered relationship with us, but we must remember that the changes are of our own making.The trees, two white and one pink, were an extravaganza of blossom which floated down on to the chequered tablecloths.
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