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cherubcher‧ub /ˈtʃerəb/ noun [countable]  1 AVan angel shown in works of art as a fat pretty child with small wings2 informalCHILD a young pretty child who behaves very well3 RRC (plural cherubim /ˈtʃerəbɪm/) one of the angels who guard the seat where God sitscherubic /tʃəˈruːbɪk/ adjective a smile of cherubic innocence
Examples from the Corpus
cherubFrankie knew every gilded swirl and cherub, every plaster rose, every painted bulb in each of the hanging light-fittings.marble cherubs over the entranceHenry Compton was a good school, and I was a reasonable pupil - no cherub, but no devil either.Certainly, he seem airily exotic with his cropped hair and face like an oriental cherub.The statues of Faith, Hope and Charity, with podgy cherubs, remained in London.It is for us that the cherubs sing.But as the wistful cherub of 18 months, photographed at her play group.The ceiling was decorated with cherubs and angels, and the frieze was inlaid with gold.
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