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ldoce_045_dchesschess /tΚƒes/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š chessboard_set.jpg DGBa game for two players, who move their playing pieces according to particular rules across a special board to try to trap their opponent’s king (=most important piece) πŸ”Š They meet fairly often to play chess.COLLOCATIONSverbsplay chessDo you want to play chess?chess + NOUNa chess playerToday, many chess players have online games.a chess game/matchWho won the chess game?a chess board (=with black and white squares on it)There was a chess board set up on the table.a chess piece (=one that you move around the board)Some of the chess pieces were missing.a chess set (=a complete group of the different chess pieces)She gave him a beautifully carved wooden chess set.a chess moveYou first have to learn the basic chess moves.a chess championship/tournament (=a chess competition)Ray's taking part in a chess tournament.a chess cluba member of the school chess cluba chess master (=a very skilled player)An eight year-old who can beat a chess master is remarkable.a chess grand master (=the highest title a chess player can get)Bobby Fischer was an American chess grand master.the chess worldHe's a star of the chess world.
Examples from the Corpus
chessβ€’ Choirs, plays, gymnastics, book discussions, chess tournaments, lectures and crafts classes took place constantly.β€’ The only apparent relief from chess were two dolls and a golliwog on Judit's bunk bed.β€’ San Francisco cops are clamping down on a new brand of outlaws: sidewalk-hogging chess players.β€’ Like chess, as you say.β€’ Until recently, only the most elite of chess wizards remained beyond the reach of computer chess programs.β€’ When I got tired of watching the bow or reading or playing chess, I would often watch Morris at work.β€’ She had that stone chess table made too and put inside.β€’ Two huge screens above the chess boards carried illuminated chess graphics to display the games.play chessβ€’ In terms of the principles involved, we could be talking here about playing chess or reading a page of text.β€’ But they win not because they can play chess, which they can not, but because they can beat humans.β€’ One of the most popular sites is the game room, where visitors can play chess, checkers and backgammon with others.β€’ It's how I play chess with Victor.β€’ It is like playing chess with a Martian: eerie and weird and very interesting.β€’ He forgave them, and then opened a door so they could see Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess.β€’ I went into the other room, where several writers were playing chess, and I watched them for a while.
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