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chestchest /tʃest/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 HBHthe front part of your body between your neck and your stomachbreast Her heart was pounding in her chest. a hairy chestchest pain/infection/injury He collapsed with severe chest pains. flat-chested2 a large strong box that you use to store things in or to move your personal possessions from one place to another a large wooden chest chest of drawers, tea chest, war chest3 get something off your chestCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesbroada tall man with a broad chest and shoulderspowerfulHis arms were folded across his powerful chest.muscular (=with big muscles)His chest was tanned and muscular.hairyHis shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a hairy chest.bare (=not covered by clothes)The workmen all had bare chests.bad (=one that is making you cough or giving you pain)I'm not going running today - my chest is bad.weak (=one that often gets infections)As a child her chest was weak.chest + NOUNa chest painThere are a number of causes of chest pain.a chest infectionEvery time I get a cold I get a chest infection too.a chest complaint/problem (=something wrong with your chest and causing you pain)Older people often suffer from chest complaints.a chest injury/woundHe suffered serious chest injuries in the accident.a chest X-ray (=a photograph of the inside of your chest, to see if it is healthy)A chest X-ray showed that there was damage to his lungs.
Examples from the Corpus
chestWe use a cedar chest to keep wool blankets in.Sizes: to fit chest sizes 34-38 or 40-46.She could feel the pounding of his heart against her chest, and the pulse leapt under her lips.Focusing resentfully on the dark, angular face, her heart had flipped over suddenly in her chest.The gun is pointed at directly at his chest.Did I care that on his chest he wore no small ribbons indicative of this medal or that yet to come?Potter was shot in the chest.I like looking at the clods of earth hitting their faces, covering their chests, hiding them, completing something.Children were to sit up straight and put their chins to their chests.a toy chestWhen doing sit-ups, keep your hands crossed on your chest, rather than behind your neck.chest pain/infection/injurySore muscles are not the only possibility to explain cough and chest pain.Pathologist's reports established the cause of death as extensive chest injuries.Mr Dye is in intensive care with head injuries while Mr Nolan has chest injuries.If chest pain occurs report immediately to nearest emergency room.I had the feeling I was disappointing him, and it filled me with a dull continuous inner chest pain.The patient may or may not have palpitations or chest pain associated with the attack.They include poor growth, recurrent chest infections, chronic diarrhoea and skin infections.