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chewing gum

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chewing gumˈchewing gum ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DFFa type of sweet that you chew for a long time but do not swallow
Examples from the Corpus
chewing gumAnd he loved apple juice and chewing gum and watching ice hockey games.Somewhere between ginger, orange, peppermint and chewing gum.By comparison, lottery tickets can be bought as easily as chewing gum at hundreds of retail outlets and news agents.Along with democracy and equality came chewing gum and Christmas.Maxham took out something which looked like a piece of chewing gum.A trolley was wheeled past by two brutish-looking orderlies chewing gum.With smoking now prohibited on so many flights, airlines may face another problem: chewing gum.After one encounter, I did draw one: I let no one near me with chewing gum in his mouth.
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