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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchicchic /ʃiːk/ adjective  FASHIONABLEvery fashionable and expensive, and showing good judgment of what is attractive and good style Margaret was looking very chic in blue. a chic restaurantchic noun [uncountable] the art of comfortable chic
Examples from the Corpus
chicThe design team creates beaded extravaganzas that are truly chic.He thought she was perfect, the height of chic.Nor, for that matter, can family life be a question of chic.She is chic and witty.They live in a chic apartment overlooking the Seine.a chic apartmentSo you can be chic as you get slim!At his side in public Jackie's air of sophistication and chic cultural warmth complemented it perfectly.The east side of the city has become very chic in the past few years.A dinner party at a chic New York restaurant cost the museum $ 5,500.a chic restaurant in BostonWe are in Madame Jo Jo's - a chic transvestite bar in Soho.
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