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chicken wire

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chicken wireˈchicken wire noun [uncountable]  TTAa type of thin wire net used to make fences for chickens
Examples from the Corpus
chicken wireThe church was built of brick and chicken wire.Derek and I built the aviary between us out of ordinary three by three timber and chicken wire.To reduce slippage, tack coarse-gauge chicken wire flush to the deck.After much midnight hammering, a large wooden frame, covered in chicken wire with a drop down door was constructed.So this year, to be on the safe side, she had ordered a roll of chicken wire and metal stakes.Already he's spent more than £100 on chicken wire and spent hours collecting up the various fillings.Staplegun chicken wire to the walls, slap stucco on top.They would search the woods behind the house, and Nockerd would tack the chicken wire tighter around the cage.
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