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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchieflychief‧ly /ˈtʃiːfli/ ●○○ adverb  MAINmostly but not completely syn mainly The work consists chiefly of interviewing the public. I lived abroad for years, chiefly in Italy.
Examples from the Corpus
chieflyThe obstinate refusal of many males to support gun control is not chiefly a product of conditioning by the weapons industry.They knew differences chiefly among Protestant sects.Real estate prices have been falling, chiefly because of the lack of jobs in the area.It was chiefly in articles for the Spectator between 1711 and 1714 that his criticism appeared.A chest radiograph showed non-systematic disseminated infiltrates, chiefly in the two lower lobes.Here the building was chiefly of wood, retaining the national craft styles already established.Before 1849, travel was done chiefly on horseback.The interest was again chiefly rhythmic and required the most meticulous playing by all sections in the orchestra.Bethesda disposed of Beaumaris by five wickets with 10 overs left thanks chiefly to a fighting 60 by Bryn Butler.
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