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chiffonchif‧fon /ˈʃɪfɒn $ ʃɪˈfɑːn/ noun [uncountable]  TIMa soft thin silk or nylon material that you can see through a pink chiffon ballgown
Examples from the Corpus
chiffonSpectacular silver panne velvet roses on black chiffon.His collection for this summer consists of simple shapes in chiffon and satin.a red chiffon gownIs it shredded chiffon, or is it leather?Jane had worn an exquisite taupe chiffon Brac, and she looked magnificent, and the girls looked innocent and sweet.And it will be beautiful with this chiffon scarf.One night, her aunt drew a length of white chiffon out of a paper bag.The totally transparent white chiffon parka, by Commes des Garçons. 2.
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