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child abuse

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchild abuseˈchild aˌbuse noun [uncountable]  the crime of harming a child physically, sexually, or emotionally
Examples from the Corpus
child abusePreventive work spans these contrasting situations because child abuse cases are those where there is more likelihood of separation.Certain health education topics such as bereavement, child abuse and education for parenthood were omitted by large numbers of schools.However, based on those two incidents, Avanesian was booked on suspicion of felony child abuse.But the attempt to isolate such cases from the majority of child abuse cases must always be made.Each state statute that mandates reporting of child abuse or neglect specifies the procedures reporters are required to follow.Currently the best-known cases seeking money damages for failure to report child abuse and neglect have been filed against physicians and hospitals.The social workers experienced the child abuse system in a variety of ways.The disease model simply asks why child abuse occurs and how can it be prevented or reduced.
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