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chillichil‧li British English, chili American English /ˈtʃɪli/ ●●○ noun (plural chillies British English, chilies American English)  1 chili_pepper.jpg [countable] (also chilli pepper British English, chili pepper American English)DFHBA a small thin red or green pepper with a very strong hot taste2 [uncountable] (also chilli con carne British English, chili con carne American English /-kɒn ˈkɑːni $ -kɑːn ˈkɑːrni/)DFF a spicy dish made with beans, meat, and chillies
Examples from the Corpus
chilliAny thinly sliced salami works well, also cold roast meat with garlic and chilli sauce.Pour over wine, lemon juice and chilli sauce.Was that where they had been trained to scald faces with hot water and chilli?They voted Premier John Major top, with his popular recipe for spicey chicken in chilli powder and Tabasco.Heat the red kidney beans in the mixture of tomato puree, chilli sauce and lemon juice.Garnish with chopped red chilli, grated Parmesan and parsley.Add a bit of orange peel, it you like, and a crushed dried and seeded chilli gives a nice flavour.The vinegar - one plain and one with chilli - comes in whisky bottles.
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