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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchillingchil‧ling /ˈtʃɪlɪŋ/ adjective  FRIGHTENEDsomething that is chilling makes you feel frightened, especially because it is cruel, violent, or dangerous the chilling sound of wolves howlingsee thesaurus at frighteningchillingly adverb It was chillingly clear that he wanted revenge.
Examples from the Corpus
chillingOutside the door she paused, breathing the chill and chilling air.For once there was not that exhilarating, sometimes chilling clarity.The lawyer gave a chilling demonstration of how the accused used a towel to suffocate his victim.Gradually Jack realized he could never penetrate the chilling force-field that lay between him and the two men.Today's arrests should send a chilling message to anyone involved in insurance fraud.His description of how he watched helplessly as one of the deadly missiles thundered towards him makes chilling reading.The case is a chilling reminder of how ordinary, seemingly respectable citizens still have racist and deeply intolerant views.a chilling reminder of the warShe would even have preferred more of his contemptuous accusations to this present chilling remoteness.The chilling thought struck Sabine to the bone.These fossil-like impressions of flesh-forms convey a chilling vulnerability not shared but enhanced by the metal material which they now permanently impress.The captain's message ended with the chilling words: ""Mission completed. All prisoners disposed of.''
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