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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchillychill‧y /ˈtʃɪli/ ●●○ adjective  1 COLDchilly weather or places are cold enough to make you feel uncomfortablechilly day/night/evening etc a chilly November morningchilly wind/breeze/air etc Getting chilly, isn’t it? The bathroom’s a bit chilly.see thesaurus at cold2 if you feel chilly, you feel uncomfortably cold3 UNFRIENDLYunfriendly syn frosty The speech met with a chilly reception.chilliness noun [singular, uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
chillyShe had set a match to it during the afternoon, so the room was no longer chilly.The telegram came on a gray, chilly April day.Despite the chilly autumn afternoon, she was wearing a thin cotton dress.They have to get washed and dressed in a chilly bathroom.His blue eyes had a chilly glint.It's chilly in the house, even when it's sunny outside.After a while, he let his head sink on his arms, deep among the chilly, metal-chased velvets.a chilly morning in AprilThose who remained were chilly, nervous, and unsure of what the police would do.A fire was needed against the chilly New England evenings.It's a little chilly out here - I think we'll go inside.It was getting chilly outside, so we went back into the house.And something else: something chilly, something that warned.It was chilly the next night, and the night after that.I arrived at Victoria Station in early November in misty chilly weather of early night.Temperatures were in the 80s on Tuesday, but it turned chilly Wednesday afternoon.On the chilly winter afternoon when I was at Casa Dono di Maria, the doorbell rang.chilly day/night/evening etcBlue magnesium flares went spiralling up into the chilly night.Hot pasties and hot drinks are served below deck at the bar, a comfort on chilly days.It was a clear but rather chilly night.The camp offers almost no protection against the scorching sun and chilly nights.Residents stood shivering in the chilly night air as Red Cross officials scrambled to find them lodging after they fled their homes.For all I know there may have been cool showers, unusual chilly nights and days.One chilly evening at a crossroads gas station I offered a ride to a young woman who had missed her bus.It was a foggy, chilly day, without sunshine so the sea was murky and opaque.chilly receptionAcademics whose research found ill effects of divorce on kids faced chilly receptions.
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