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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishChinatownChi‧na‧town /ˈtʃaɪnətaʊn/ noun [singular, uncountable]  AREAan area in a city where there are Chinese restaurants and shops, and where a lot of Chinese people live
Examples from the Corpus
ChinatownThe driver was still laughing. Chinatown was too hot even for me.Trained as a draftsman, he wandered into Old Chinatown and attempted to make some sketches of it.If you ask tourists, the alleyways are a quaint remnant of old Chinatown.Ken Hom - pictured in London's Chinatown - returned to his cultural roots for his latest book.The space Chinatown opens on to is the space of interpretation itself, a space Polanski creates and protects for the viewer.How is what he did very much different than what Chinatown gangs did?
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