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chipboardchip‧board /ˈtʃɪpbɔːd $ -bɔːrd/ noun [uncountable]  TIa type of board made from small pieces of wood pressed together with glue
Examples from the Corpus
chipboardFurther, it was clear that the supports and chipboard floor could also have been removed.Wood is expensive, so my solution was cheap chipboard, resting on battens nailed to the wall.Incidentally, I telephoned Harrods to enquire what their cheapest chipboard coffin would be, to which the answer was £190!Flooring-grade chipboard can also be used to completely replace badly worn or damaged boards.Black and white vinyl tiles can look particularly effective, and hardboard or chipboard, painted or varnished, make cheap cover-ups.This chipboard was by now, quite elderly and soft.Try spider plants, as they absorb formaldehyde, which is found in synthetic carpets, underlay, chipboard and wood treatments.
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