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chipmunkchip‧munk /ˈtʃɪpmʌŋk/ noun [countable]  chipmunk.jpg HBAa small American animal similar to a squirrel with black lines on its fur
Examples from the Corpus
chipmunkDoes that mean that a man is a better machine for running than a quail, or a chipmunk or mouse?A chipmunk dashed across the grass.She got to see a grizzly bear, skunks and chipmunks.This animal escapes danger most like a. stonefish chipmunk cat 3.That and the chipmunk are the only sounds in the forest.Letter 9 I get out your photo with the chipmunk face and kiss it.This animal moves most like a. turtle chipmunk robin 2.It's the one where you've got your chipmunk face on.
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