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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchippedchipped /tʃɪpt/ adjective  BREAKsomething that is chipped has a small piece broken off the edge of it The paint was chipped. a chipped saucer a chipped tooth
Examples from the Corpus
chippedDon't use that plate - it's chipped.The edge of it was chipped and scratched with years of wear and misuse.Frayed edges, broken by a very below average human finger, nearly fit round corners of chipped cream-painted cream furniture.Why do I always get the chipped cup?There was also a chipped enamel mug stained almost black inside and smelling of spirits.I give my tongue over to money; the taste of warm rust in a chipped mug of tap-water.Don't keep painting over chipped or worn polish.chipped platesHe told the Colonel his life story between puffed lips, chipped teeth, and the Colonel was amused.
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