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chippingschip‧pings /ˈtʃɪpɪŋz/ noun [plural] British English  TITTRsmall pieces of stone used when putting new surfaces on roads or railway tracks
Examples from the Corpus
chippingsWhen building timber steps, these treads can be filled in with compacted soil, finishing off with bark chippings.Could this be caused by something in granite chippings which are used for drainage in the bed.The annular tank providing the weight was filled with granite chippings, to make a total of 20 tons.To date, the limestone chippings have not yet been installed.Later, at his trial, when the many chippings were exhibited, John's fate was sealed.When in use, the semi-circular wheel guard of the Hitachi deflects sparks, chippings etc away from the operator.Finish by sprinkling chippings and rolling them in.Workers at the show tried hard to improve the situation with layer upon layer of wood chippings.
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