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chloroformchlor‧o‧form /ˈklɒrəfɔːm, ˈklɔː- $ ˈklɔːrəfɔːrm/ noun [uncountable]  a liquid that makes you become unconscious if you breathe itchloroform verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
chloroformA number of quick-drying cements are available: probably the most efficient is Alvar 1570 in chloroform.Tissue was processed in chloroform, wax embedded, and 4 µm sections were cut.Before that you choked and struggled into a sudden darkness of chloroform, then woke to pain that no ice-cream could mediate.Here, an allergy to chloroform was successfully treated using a homoeopathic preparation of chloroform.
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