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chocchoc /tʃɒk $ tʃɑːk, tʃɒːk/ noun [countable, uncountable] British English informal  DFFchocolate
Examples from the Corpus
chocI mean, I don't think a packet of crisps and a choc ice is a very spiritual vision.Nothing wrong with a choc, is there?Stewpid reaches for another choc, remembers me, and shoves the box towards me with his free hand.But it seems we consoled ourselves by scoffing more chocs.A few years later it's chocs away for Rovers' new regime at Wolves on Saturday.Drop the choc seeds on the scarecrow screen. 12.Take the choc seeds. 11.I manage to knock it on the floor, where the unwrapped chocs go on a neighbourhood tour.
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